Be Cu has been electroplating with gold since 1944.  Gold plating is performed, here in our plating department not out sourced. Our technicians are experienced in all applications for gold plating.  We barrel plate to thicknesses ranging from .00003 to .0001 inches. Giving us the ability to handle most plating work. We have precision test equipment to accurately measure plating thickness.

This will give you the assurance that we will give you a quality product.Be CU is Itar approved and proudly carries an ISO 9001:2008 rating.

Why Gold Plating?

Gold plating will have superior corrosion resistance, will never tarnish, have great solderability, and will have good electrical conductivity.

Although costly, it is often the only coating acceptable for the above reasons. Gold plating is primarily for industrial uses for the reasons stated. It also can add a decorative quality that can be very desirable.