Since our company’s founding in 1944, we have produced quality engineered stampings in a variety of metals and other materials. The precision our customers appreciated in stampings naturally led them to rely on Be Cu for additional production work.

Instead of sending components to various subcontractors for specialized steps, they preferred to maintain tighter control and superior quality through a single source. Be Cu has grown into a leader in providing total service in assembly operations. That versatility can be a significant asset to your company. All of Be Cu’s creativity and proficiency come into play in combining parts and processes into subassemblies and assemblies.

Our capabilities include:

• Soldering
• Welding
• Riveting and staking
• Cementing
• Bolting
• Ultrasonic plastic welding

Our versatility can be a significant asset to your company.

Our know-how has repeatedly been of assistance to customers in highly competitive and exotic fields. Be Cu has earned coveted vendor certifications from manufacturers in military and other demanding industries whose highest criterion is quality.

We have designed and built sophisticated equipment to assist us in specialized assembly techniques. Our people are used to performing precision work with miniature parts. Most important, our total service approach gives customers the results they demand, no matter how complex the components, or how imminent the deadlines may be. Be Cu comes through!

Please give us an opportunity to show you what we can do. Our assembly expertise will “put it all together” conscientiously and cost-effectively.